Konishi & Nagaoka IP Firm


Why Konishi & Nagaoka

The Value-Adding IP Prosecution Service in Japan

Our in-depth and distinctive knowledge and experience cover a wide range of both foreign IP practice and IP practice in Japan, as well as translation, IP litigation and enforcement. Since we are knowledgeable on differences and its pitfalls in IP practices between your country and Japan, KONISHI & NAGAOKA offers, from your country's perspective, persuasive and understandable guidance and consultation in English during the complex course of IP prosecution in Japan.

Responding the Office Action issued from the Japan Patent Office (JPO), what KONISHI & NAGAOKA offers is not only a translated Office Action but also supplemental guidance to read between the lines of non-talkative Office Action from the JPO to show what is your best option, and clarifies dos and don'ts for more effective and reasonable IP prosecution in Japan.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of IP litigation and enforcement provides foreign clients with more enforceable IP right which is hard to be invalidated and narrowly interpreted.

Being supported by highly-experienced and credible patent attorneys, staff and reliable and highly-secured administrative infrastructure, KONISHI & NAGAOKA can ensure more understandable, responsive and non-frustrating IP prosecution for foreign clients.


Quality Translation

Our significance resides in our translation work. Our translation is conducted by responsible in-house members (most of them being patent attorneys) who have full expertise in not only a technological English but also drafting patent claims/specifications, domestic prosecution and foreign prosecution under the strict quality control. Thus, we offer the translation that is clear, concise, non-limiting and free from "lost-in-translation."


Full and Responsive Communication

Full and responsive communication in English is a core part of our service. Fully understanding both IP practice in your country and in Japan, and also recognizing the linguistic gap between English and Japanese, KONISHI & NAGAOKA simplifies the complicated IP prosecution in Japan to show clear and persuasive guidance for foreign client, every time the foreign client is to file an application in Japan and to respond the Office Action. Our IP service is free from miscommunication.


High and Uniform Quality of Boutique Firm with Reasonable Fee

All of KONISHI & NAGAOKA's team members have in-depth experiences in IP service, and sophisticated communication skills. All members are fully responsible for the clients through IP prosecutions to provide personalized IP service to each client.

While keeping smaller overheads of a boutique firm in the firm operation, KONISHI & NAGAOKA retains highly-experienced and credible administrative staff and reliable and highly-secured administrative infrastructure. We keep tolerance against human error. As such, KONISHI & NAGAOKA can provide high quality IP service with cost competitive attorney's fee. Quality and cost are no more trade-off. That's a real "reasonable" IP service that we envision.


All Round IP Services

Obtaining IP rights is not a goal. KONISHI & NAGAOKA offers services in a wide range of technical field, such as electronics, mechanical, software, telecommunication and chemical technologies, and also offers cross-cutting IP solution with in-depth knowledge and experiences of patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition issues and IP contract.

KONISHI & NAGAOKA also offers one stop IP service which covers various phases of prosecution, a legal opinion, patent and trademark searches, IP litigation and enforcement.