Konishi & Nagaoka IP Firm


Why Konishi & Nagaoka

A Value-Adding IP Prosecution Service in Japan

Our knowledge and expertise covers a wide range of both foreign and Japanese IP prosecution practice, as well as IP litigation and enforcement support in Japan. Our unique global experience in IP for over two decades, coupled with our English language skills, provides a solid foundation for our advice on strategic differences and related pitfalls with regard to the IP laws in foreign countries and Japan. Moreover, our language skills permit KONISHI & NAGAOKA to effectively communicate with our foreign clients for their understanding of complex issues, recommending successful strategies and offering clear guidance as to how to be successful in IP prosecution, enforcement, and related matters in Japan.

For example, even in the most basic of activity, such as responding to a JPO Office Action, KONISHI & NAGAOKA offers both a translated Office Action and strategic guidance as to how to read between the lines of the Office Action and proceed with the best options, for a highly effective and efficient IP prosecution experience in Japan.

Furthermore, with an eye to enforcement, our experience with IP litigation and licensing enables K&N to provide our foreign clients with recommendations as to how to obtain an enforceable IP right which is hard to invalidate or be narrowly interpreted.

K&N can provide these excellent value-added prosecution services due to the dedication of its team of highly-experienced patent attorneys, its well-trained staff, its modern administrative tools and its highly-secure infrastructure. KONISHI & NAGAOKA is committed to providing its foreign clients with the most understandable, responsive, and non-frustrating IP prosecution in Japan.


Quality Translation

The excellence of our prosecution services is complemented by the quality of our translation work. The translation between Japanese and other languages, especially English, is conducted only by our in-house team, most of whom are patent attorneys that have expertise in a broad spectrum of technologies and are experienced in drafting patent claims/specifications, domestic prosecution and foreign prosecution. Moreover, many on our team have lectured internationally in English on a wide variety of legal and technical topics. Our familiarity with English terminology and our strict quality control enable us to promise our foreign clients a high quality work product at reasonable cost that is not "lost-in-translation."


Full and Responsive Communication

Full and responsive communication in English is a core component of our service. Our up-to-date knowledge of IP practice in foreign countries and in Japan permits KONISHI & NAGAOKA to simplify even the most complicated IP prosecution issues in Japan and to provide clear and persuasive guidance for our foreign clients, from the filing of an application in Japan to the recommendation of a response to Office Action, and even to appeals, oppositions and invalidity proceedings.


High and Uniform Quality from a Boutique Firm at Reasonable Fees

The entire team at KONISHI & NAGAOKA has in-depth experience in providing quality IP services coupled with reliable communication skills. All of our members are fully committed to providing clients with the personalized IP service that can be expected from a small IP boutique.

In addition, the lower operating overhead of our boutique firm enables K&N to retain highly-experienced and competent professionals and administrative staff, while investing in quality controls and a modern infrastructure that ensures the highest quality and avoids human error.
As such, KONISHI & NAGAOKA can commit to the highest quality IP service at competitive attorney's fees, such that quality and cost are not a trade-off. That is the "reasonable" IP service that we envision.


A Complete Menu of IP Services

The focus of KONISHI & NAGAOKA is the provision of patent preparation and prosecution services across a wide range of technical fields, including electronics, mechanical, software, telecommunication and chemical technologies. But our competence extends to the entire spectrum of IP solutions, based on our in-depth knowledge and experience with designs, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition. In this regard, K&N also offers additional IP-related services, including the provision of legal opinions, patent and trademark searches, and support for IP litigation and enforcement.